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The most serious problem when using modern IT systems within industry and outdoor operation is the harsh and inhospitable environment at the places of their use: extreme heat or cold, heavy pollution, high volumes of dust or water spray, and high humidity as well as the lack of regular power supply.

The PrioComP is designed precisely for these conditions.


Based on the long-time experience of the previous versions and considering the requirements by the operators, we introduce by the 5th generation a completely reworked tool. Additional interfaces were integrated within a totally ne designed case. While offering almost the same capacity, the power consumption of the device was nearly halved to 3 to 5 Watt, depending on its configuration. The broad range of supply voltage facilitates the operation in almost all conditions, independently of the normal power network. Battery, solar panel or wind energy can be used for power supply. Optionally, an uninterruptible power supply may be incorporated in the PrioComP scheme. An internal battery will then bypass interruptions up to 4 hours and guarantees a defined shutdown and a restart process during longer breakdown of external power supply.

Applications open up for example in measurement technology, environmental technology, meteorology, measurement and production data acquisition in industrial machinery, vehicles, trains etc.  See for further information: Fields of application. Due to an equipment with Standard system software, the user may integrate smoothly own applications.

PrioComP systems are placed in industrial and assembly halls, caves, mountain tunnels or simple huts around the world and are subjected rough environmental conditions. But that is exactly for what they have been conceived and developed!

This innovation was funded by the Federal State of Brandenburg and the European Union.